{A bride for rent…..}

THEME: Love or hatred


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The bullet went straight piercing into Hazel,who had rushed out from nowhere and hugged Arizona. She dropped dead on the floor as the bullet penetrated her back.


“Hazel!!” Arizona screamed at the scene in front of her. She squatted immediately picking Hazel to her laps while shaking her rigorously.

Police were already at the scene,all pointing their gun at Melissa who was breathing heavily. Her gaze were on Hazel who was on the floor bleeding from the area she was shot.

Without being told, the gun dropped from her hand shakily as she realised what she has done.

“Hazel” She called in a low voice as hot tears streamed down her both cheeks.

“What did I just do….

“Mrs Melissa Banks, you are arrested for the attempting murder on Arizona Banks, Murders of Miss Hazel Banks and the death of Mr and Mrs Banks” One of the cops said

“Hazel isn’t dead… she can’t be dead, she can’t!!!” Melissa screamed ruffling her hair like a mad woman.

As if suddenly charged by something, she took on her heels running as fast as her legs could carry her. The cops gave it a hot chase till she got to the busy streets, she was trying to cross the road and ended up bring hit by an incoming vehicle.

She dropped on the floor; unconscious.


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Jade blinked her lashes rapidly while moving backwards as Leonard was wheeled into the loving room by Doctor Park. Sweat broke out from her forehead, her face turned pale like she had been sick for days. Even Lustre wasn’t left out.

“Ghost!!” She screamed ruffling her hair

Leonard let out a chuckle as they all watched her display.

“I’m seeing things right? Ghost, I’m seeing a ghost. Can you see that too Lustre?” Jade said.

“I won’t appreciate you calling me a ghost, I’m not dead but alive as you can see” Leonard muttered

The people who were not shocked by the whole scenario were Rainbow, Thyme and Mr Garry.

“It’s really the end Mom” Rainbow muttered

“Huh?” Melissa muttered, diverting her attention to Rainbow. She was still confused at the whole thing

“I told you that you are going to get back every piece of what you’ve done, you are going to pay for your actions and now is the time for it” Rainbow added standing up. She moved closer to Leonard hugging him tightly.


“Thanks daughter, all of her plans would have worked without you. Thanks for everything” Leonard said stroking her hair fondly

“I couldn’t help it, I can’t just watched an innocent person being hurt without doing anything. I had to voice out and Thyme also came up with a wonderful plan too. She fell for it totally” Rainbow said with a slight giggle.


Thyme stood up immediately Rainbow finished narrating everything to him. The shock on his face could be clearly noted.

“I’m sorry I took long to tell you, I was confused on what to do. I couldn’t bring myself to rattling my family out, I took them as a family not knowing that they were monsters. Dad is on the sick bed because of me, if only I had said something….. it’s all my fault, I am no different from Lustre and Mom” Rainbow wept.

Thyme took a deep breathe moving closer to her. He sat beside her while patting her gently

“It’s no one’s fault okay? I totally understand how you felt. But I’m glad you made up your mind and you’re doing the right thing” Thyme said soothingly

“How about you get the cops and put them behind the bars? They deserve no mercy and they should pay for their crimes” Rainbow said with gritted teeth

Thyme rubbed his temples for a while lost in thoughts. A smile slowly spread on his thin lips.

“I have a plan; let’s make things interesting a bit” Thyme muttered

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” You all fooled me!!” Jade yelled as the cops who were already waiting for her outside stormed in.


“I also appreciate your cooperation Me Garry, it wouldn’t have been possible without you” Leonard added flashing Mr Garry a smile

“What!!? Don’t….

” The will was a fake” Rainbow voiced out her thoughts

Jade staggered backwards feeling hopeless and helpless. An handcuff was placed on her hand and she was dragged out. Lustre just stayed rooted on a spot not knowing what to do.

The cops bowed at Leonard and meant to leave

“Aren’t you forgetting something? Take him out too” Leonard commanded sending shivers down the spine of Lustre who was hoping he would turn invincible at that moment.

“I.. Dad, please I beg of you. Don’t do this to me, it was all her fault, I was misled” Lustre went on his both knees and with his hand clasped together.

“You had a choice, young man but you still choose the wrong path. Come to think of it, have I ever maltreated you? I took you in as my own son even though you were not. And you were so greedy and wanted the conglomerate? I was hoping to give you a part of it to manage but guess what? You just ruined everything for yourself” Leonard scolded


Lustre was also escorted out by the cops.



Abel, who was already in the prisoners wears walked briskly to Melissa landing her a slap. She is currently on the hospital bed still in cuff, the pains she was leaving at that point of quiet unbearable. The doctor said that a sensitive part of her brain had been damaged and there is possiblity that she might get insane.

“What did you just do?” Abel questioned while Melissa just kept staring at him.

” Hazel…. Hazel… Is she okay?” That was all she could say

“You killed her because of your selfishness, you are the one at fault. You desperate Ɓîtçh!!” Abel yelled with tears rolling down his eyes. Melissa who had been struggling for the grip of the hand cuffs fell back to the bed in despair. Her eyes suddenly went shut but at that moment, nobody cared

“This is really the end” Abel muttered filled with regrets

“I’ll accept wh@ťěver punishment I’ll be given and I’m ready to confess everything we’ve done” He said to the cops who were on standby.


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The whole arena was a crying spree was different angles. Arizona’s cries were the loudest, the fact that Hazel took the bullet for her stings to the core.


Carl who sobbing quietly while Rainbow made efforts to pacifying him. Hazel had been confirmed dead as the bullet had actually hit a delicate part of her. She couldn’t survive it as the doctor as said.



Jade and Abel were sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and deceit while Lustre was giving a period of ten years in prison. Ara’s punishment was lesser; five years imprisonment. But no matter what, their serving in prison could tell once they are out and that’s if they will be able to survive it till then

Wondering why Melissa wasn’t mentioned? She lost her sanity and was made to stay in a psychiatrist hospital for the rest of her life. That sounds like the worst punishment ever right? The once brainy and ever calculating Melissa was in shackles.

With that aside, guess what? It’s the wedding of Thyme and Arizona. The period of mourning and weeping is over and what comes next? Joy and love in blossom

The door opened revealing Arizona dressed in a wedding gown. Unlike the first marriage they had, she had a smile on her face. A smile so geniue and true, it wasn’t a fake smile.

Thyme was already at the alter impatiently waiting for her to walk down the aisle. She was so alluring and enchantingly beautiful and he couldn’t wait to grab her by her waist and shout out to the world that she was his.


Arizona slowly made her way to Thyme admit cheers from the crowd. She bit her bottom lips shyly as she got to Thyme.

“You look beautiful, at a point I was tempted to remove the veil and crash my lips on yours” He whispered to her hearing making her blush

“You’re not looking bad too, just keep a smile on your face” She responded.

The priest cleared his throat getting their attention. He moved his mouth close to the mic, scanning the entire crowd. The wedding vows was said abd the diamond rings was exchanged between the two couple.

Thyme turned to Arizona looking at her lovingly. He took her both hands wh8ke stating deep into her eyes.

“When you came to me at first when we were still in high school, you successfully brought me out of my shell. Your tempting and warming smile was enough to make my day. Your voice was like music to my ears, calming my troubled heart. Fate has brought you to me and this time, I’m not letting you go; not again. I promise to love you with all my heart, your pains has automatically become my pains, your enemies are my enemies too. Whosoever is against you should be ready to face me because I’m automatically signing a life contract on being your knight in shinning armour. You will be the mother of my children, no one is going to take that spot from you, Mi Armour” Thyme said

As he finished it, Arizona was already crying. Not the normal tears but tears of overwhelming joy.

“I love you boo bear” She whimpered

“Hush, let me be the one to love you and I’m never going to back out of that” He cuts her off

Arizona couldn’t wait anymore, she removed her veil herself slamming her lips on his making the crowd gasp.

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“So sweet!”

Leonard wiped the drop of tear that escaped his eyes as he watched them.

“Our son is now married Nora” He muttered


Nora is actually the name of Thyme’s mom and also his first wife.


Among the people watching the newly wedded couple was Romeo. Yeah, he was released from prison and he was under watch by the cops. He took a deep breathe averting his gaze from Arizona to his suitcase.

Well, after much deliberation he decided to leave the country and start a life afresh. Somewhere he would be able to pick up the remaining broken pieces of his life.

“Wish you nothing but happiness” He muttered




Thyme wrapped his hands around Arizona’s waist as she stood in front of the dressing room while looking for what to put on. He trailed his lips to her neck giving her soft love bites.

A Mõ@ɲ escaped her lips as she titled her head sideways giving him more access to her neck bone. He sucked on it giving her a hickey.

“Make me scream your name boo bear” Arizona muttered ecstatically

He slowly moved her to the bed making her lie on it. In no time, he was st3rd n*ked before her. He leaned closer to her trading kisses from her legs to her lips. He kissed every part of her while fondling with her both B@@bs.

Arizina suddenly flipped over, she was now on top. The surprised look was quite evident in his eyes.

“What…what are you doing?” His voice cane out in a stutter

“It’s called taking charge baby” She said in an husky voice. She balanced herself well on his groin region and she directed her V to his Ďïčk.

A grosn escaped his lips as the pleasure hits him. He was already on cloud nine as her warm V tightly embraced his manh**d.

“Let me take you to paradise, boo bear” She muttered, trailing her hand on his bare chest sending shivers down his spine. Feelings he couldn’t fanthom.


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Arizona woke up with a start as she felt a cold liquid on her face. She snapped her eyes open only to see eight months Greg staring back at her innocently like he hasn’t done anything. Not like he’s aware of his actions though.


Arizona let out a groan, sitting up.

“I’ve told you countless times not to go this, it’s not nice. You don’t put spittle on someone’s face, that’s very dirty of you” Arizona scolded with a slight frown showing her displeasure.

Greg did his face like he wanted to cry making her eyes widened.

“No…no” She muttered trying to hush him but it was already too late as he bursted into tears. As usual, his cries were loud causing Georgina to wake up. She started crying as soon as she woke up.

Arizona ruffled her hair feeling frustrated. Well, two years had passed and things have been going on smoothly with them. She got pregnant within the years abd she birthed twins which they named Georgina and Greg.

“Guys, please don’t do this. Mummy might just go crazy anytime soon” She muttered and strangely they both kept quiet.

“Good grieve” She muttered picking Greg up, she took Georgina with the second hand heading for the bathroom to bathe for them.


“Let’s take our bath and head over to grandpa okay?” She said



A bright smile appeared on Rainbow’s face as she opened the door, she sighted the twins with Arizona. She was quick to take Georgina from her.

“My cutie, I missed you so much” Rainbow muttered rubbing her chubby cheeks causing Georgina to giggle.

Greg blinked his lashes jealousy but in a cute manner looking away making the two adults to laugh.

“Come on Greg, Aunty misses you too” Rainbow was quick to add with a slight chuckle but Greg didn’t bulged. He just kept staring at a particular direction.

“He’s just like his father; so stubborn and very jealous” Arizona said to Rainbow

“Seriously?” Thyme’s voice came from behind making Arizona turn swiftly. Everything appeared in slow mode to her as she beheld the man of her dreams. The sun rays shone directly on him, more like a spot light. Well, he actually took the spot light since he is the only one Arizona could see at that moment.

Thyme had travelled to the States for a business trip and he wasn’t expected to return anytime soon. But seeing him present was everything that matters

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“Dada” Greg called stretching out his tiny arms hoping Thyme would carry him

“Missed me?” Thyme winked waking closer. Arizona just stayed rooted on a spot as the emotions surging through her were too much for her to bear at that point.

She dropped Greg carefully on the ground and raced towards Thyme who had an open arms to receive her.


“I missed you so much boo bear” She muttered in his arms.

“But I’m here now, Mi armour” He responded pulling her out of the hug and like that, he captured her lips into a deep kiss not minding anyone.

“So cute” Carl whispered in Rainbow’s ear.

“I know right” Rainbow responded

“I feel like grabbing that tiny waist of yours and making you scream my name” Carl mumbled naughtily making her laugh.

“Stop that, the kids are here” Rainbow said trying to push him off.

As his Georgina understood, she looked away giving Carl an opportunity to place a peck on Rainbow’s lips.


Leonard who was watching the whole thing had a smile on his face. On his lap was Gref who had crawled to him.

“Papa” Greg muttered trying to grab his glasses which he resisted.

“Love in blossom” He muttered, the smile not leaving his face.

Happiness and joy had created a spring in his heart that kept swelling up never ending. The peace of mind that cane with it was everything he could ever wish for.

The wicked had all been punished duly and it was a period of perfect serendipity for them



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