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THEME: Love or hatred


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Melissa lost her balance and staggered backwards.

“No…no…..” She screamed ruffling her hair. She suddenly turned pale and looked Derek than her age. Just the thought of going back to the slump was killing her inside.

She walked briskly to Abel who was just alighting the stair and landed a slap on his face without effort. She stood really close to him, almost at the same eyes level.

“You are at fault; all of these is your fault. The fact that we are in this position is your fault. If only you hadn’t gone to that B3stard Thyme for a loan, everything would I’ve still been okay. If only you had not told Arizona that we aren’t her real parents, If only you didn’t go to take another loan. What wrong did I do when I married you? Huh? Why did I fail to realize that you are a dimwit? After all the struggles, we are going have to the spot we were in” She screamed, she kept on hitting his chest with her clenched fist as she was speaking.


“We are both at fault okay? And instead of blabbing, we should start packing our stuffs before we are thrown out. We can think of what to do later” Abel retorted.

Ara who was just entering the house furrowed her brows to see the condition of things.

“What’s going on here?” She inquired

Just the the men who had gone upstairs came down to join the rest.

“We sealed all the room already, you all should take your leave now. The house had been used as a collateral already and I’m afraid that you have to go without taking any of your things” One of the men said.

“Collateral?” Ara repeated still in surprise, she turned to look at her both parents who averted their gazes elsewhere in shame.

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“Arizona, get ready to pay for all of this” Melissa said within.



Arizona blinked her lashes rapidly as THYME’S confession came. A smile slowly appeared on her face but she was quick to mask it up with a fake frown.

“No, I can’t do this” She muttered withdrawing her hand from his hold. Thyme’s jaw dropped open, he wasn’t expecting her to reject him. Confusion was evident in his expression as his eyes searched hers.

“Why? Did I do something wrong? Or I said something wrong? Why…. Why would you reject me?” He wondered aloud

“How can you be proposing without a ring?” She muttered flashing her bare fingers at his face.


Thyme let out a chuckle going for the hem of the bedsheet. Luckily for him, he was able to get a thread which he wrapped around her fourth finger. She watched him keenly, the smile on leaving her face

“Let’s start everything from the scratch, we can go on dates and even get married again if you please. Our marriage wasn’t the normal one but I found the perfect person in you, I want to do everything with you, spend the rest of my life with you and no one else. Somehow you became my addiction and I am never letting you go” Thyme said. Arizona’s face was d@mn red all along, she covered her flushed cheeks with her both hands shyly.

“Yes… It’s a yes” She screamed, pulling him into a tight hug. He reciprocated immediately sniffing her scent.


“I’ll get you a proper ring” He muttered stroking her hair fondly.

“Let’s go and see Dad, he will surely be happy to hear about it, he had always wanted this” Thyme said after breaking the hug

“Sure” She responded



Romeo took a deep breathe, his eyes not leaving the handcuffs on his hand. Everything was still like a dream to him, it happened so fast. One moment he was in his room and the next in cuffs in a detention centre.

“Are you saying you know nothing about the assault Mrs Arizona Knoll??” The cops questioned Romeo who hadn’t spoken a word since ever.

“I need to speak to my lawyer before I say a word” Romeo muttered adamantly.

” Do you even have a lawyer? Have you contacted anyone? Get ready to spend the night in jail then and get prepared to be tortured first thing tomorrow”


A hot drop of tear rolled down Romeo’s eyes as the cops took their leave. He had been made shirtless and the detention centre was really small and stuffy.

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“Why did things turn out this way?” He muttered to himself



A bright smile appeared on Leonard’s face as Thyme and Arizona made their way into his ward. He sat upright almost immediately

“Is there something I’m missing?” He inquired raising a curious brow.

” Nothing much dad…. How are you feeling? You don’t feel that weak right? You should talk to the doctor in case of any changes in your body system” Thyme said

” I’m fine Son, I’m not dying anytime soon” Leonard answered

“I’m glad” Thyme responded

“Not until I see my first grandchild” Leonard added causing Arizona’s mood to change immediately. Thyme noticed that and pressed her hand softly.

“We’ll make sure to give you one Sir” Arizona muttered.


” I’ll keep that as a promise then” Leonard retorted.




The door bursted open and cops stormed into the apartment. Alexa who was just returning from the bathroom stopped right on her track.

The the scenario dawned on her when the tatooed guy was pushed in by one of the cops. She shook her head moving backwards in fright.

“What’s this? I don’t know this guy, I really don’t know him. You can’t barge into my house and pull up this $h|tty scene” She said

“You are under arrest for the assault of Mrs Knoll, you have the right to remain silent and also contact your lawyer” The cops said

“Mrs Knoll my foot, that position is supposed to be mine and no one else. I should be Mrs Knoll and Ɓîtçh took that away from me and did you expect me to be quiet about it?” Alexa screamed like she had lost her senses

“You should have been more humane and not try to hurt a fellow human” The cops retorted

“Humane?” Alexa let out a scoff as they forcefully placed the hand cuffs on her both hands.

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“Let’s go to where you belong” and like that, she was dragged out of the apartment into the police awaiting van.



Jade raised her wine glass in the air with a sly smile on her dark red painted lips. The wine stained her lips making her look scary too.

“Cheers to a better life ahead” She muttered


She took the empty pack of the fentanyl and it could be noted that all the pills in it are gone.

“And a rip to you, Leonard hubby. It was fun while it lasted” She added going to her drawer. She drew out the forged will which had Leonard’s signature and stamp. She succeeded in making him sign the papers when he was sleepy.

“Time to take actions I guess, time to claim what is rightfully mine” She said




Thyme took a deep breathe as the voting process started. Since both Thyme and Lustre had contributed positively to the growth of the company, it was decided by the board to run an open election to know who will get the vacant position pending the time Leonard get better.

Two boxes have been placed in front and the boxes had their names; a box for Thyme and the other for Lustre.

“Let the voting process begin” One of the director announced. The directors are actually to fold an empty paper and place it inside the box of their favourite.

A smirk appeared on Lustre’s face as he made eye signals to some of the board members who gave him a thumb up. He had actually met with them before the conference and had tipped them off. Lustre had succeeded in bribing more than half of the directors present.

“Time for the show down little brother” He muttered with an air of confidence. He was already imagining himself on the head of Galaxy Group’s seat.



Jade, Arizona and Rainbow sat at the waiting room each step their toes. The nurses have been going in and out of Leonard’s ward for close to an hour and none was ready to say anything


“Miss” Arizona called rushing to one of the nurses. She blocked her path by standing in front of her

“How is Sir Leonard? What’s going on with me? At least talk to us, you are making us worried here” Arizona said concernly

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“Sir Leonard is actually in a very critical state, we just have to …..

Arizona left the nurse and rushed to doctor Park who just came out of the emergency room.

“How is my husband? Did he die? Tell me he didn’t?” Jade was the first to ask.

“We are so sorry, we tried our best but it appears as if our best is not good enough. We lost him” Doctor Park announced

Rainbow staggered backwards as the word stung deep into her. Arizona was not left out of the charade, she slumped on the floor without effort.

“Rip husband” Jade muttered with a smile smile

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