People who died yesterday also thought death was far from them, so take care of yourself, forgive, kill your pride, appreciate souls who value you and be humble.






{A bride for rent…..}

THEME: Love or hatred


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Thyme rushed into the ward, he didn’t even mind the fact that there were still some nurses in the ward and that he had to wait for them to finish up

“Mi armour?” He called, moving closer to Arizona who was lying down on the bed with her eyes closed. At that moment, it appears as if they were the only two in the ward, no one mattered, nothing else mattered.

He took her hand kissing it softly, his eyes were d@mn red in pains and anger. Seeing her in that spot was enough to make him lose it

“What happened to her? Is she okay?” He finally asked Doctor Park who cleared his throat before proceeding to speak.

“Luckily she was rushed in quickly so she didn’t lose much blood. I already administered some analgesic to her so hopefully, she will be awake and well” Doctor Park answered

Thyme heaved a sigh of relief muttering a thank you. He diverted his attention back to Arizona staring at her like she was a movie.


Doctor Park paused on his statement at the same time thinking of how to break the news to Thyme.

“She lost the baby” He blurted out with so much difficulty. A slight frown appeared on Thyme’s face as he raised his head slowly to look at Doctor Park who moved back in fright. The look on Thyme’s face was enough to make him pee on his pants


“What baby?” Thyme inquired

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” Huh? She was pregnant you didn’t know?” Doctor Park blinked his lashes repeatedly.

” She was pregnant? Who was pregnant?” Thyme asked further, he was still confused at the whole thing.

” Your wife was pregnant but unfortunately she lost the foetus, to put it in a better word; miscarriage” Doctor Park explained to the confused Thyme

The countenance on Thyme’s face fell immediately. He bit his bottom lips as a drop of tear fell from his eyes, the pain he was experiencing at that point cannot be underestimated. For the first time in years, he cried.

“Is there a way to bring the baby back? I’m ready to do anything, just anything to bring the baby back” Thyme pleaded, tears rolling down his eyes effortlessly

“I’m sorry; we just have to accept what life has in store for us” Doctor Park muttered

Thyme threw his head backwards without saying a word. The words were too heavy for him to speak.

“Let’s keep this a secret from her okay? Act as if nothing happened” Thyme said to the doctor not taking his eyes off Arizona. Mixed feelings overwhelmed him; feeling of pains and anger combined

“Whosoever did this, consider yourself dead” He mumbled with gritted teeth.




Melissa let out a scream, throwing her phone to the direction of the wall. As expected, the screen of the phone got badly damaged.

Abel turned to her with a raised eyebrow, he noticed her expression so he didn’t even bother questioning her.

“I am going to kill her myself” Melissa muttered causing him to stare at her sharply


” Arizona Banks” Melissa uttered

Abel took a deep breathe


” She escaped this one and she wouldn’t escape the next one, that’s a promise cause I’ll be doing it with my own hand” She added darkly, staring into the space with the usual wicked grin on her face

“Can’t you just let the girl be? Not like she’s disturbing us. What if she regains her memories? We should be ready to fly out of the country then” Abel muttered

“She won’t be able to regain her memories cause she will be long gone by then; she would probably be in the arms of her dead parents” Melissa retorted

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” Let the girl be!! We’ve done enough to hurt her and this is where it has landed us in. We’d she’d blood of the innocent and it’s enough….

“You think I’m happy in the condition we are in? You think I am? You think that I will go back to the trash with you? Melissa Banks will never do that. We’ve started, then we should do well by finishing it off nicely” Melissa snapped before walking out of the room.

Abel slapped his forehead frustratedly

“Trying to convince her is never an option” He muttered to himself



A smile appeared on Jade’s face as she stared at the fabricated will of Leonard made by Mr Garry. She read the content making her smile broaden.

“Not a single property for Thyme, I love that. The little wimp will have no choice than to get on his knees and beg” Jade chuckled at the thought of that

” You just have to get his signature in it as promised as everything will surely go as we planned” Mr Garry responded

” I will do that for sure and as quickly as I can” Jade said


” And I’m grateful to you for bringing the proposal to me. I was in dire need of money and you came at the right time” Mr Garry appreciated

” You’re welcome, it’s a pleasure doing business with you anyways” Jade said with a smile while swirling her chair



Arizona woke up with a start and that alerted Thyme who was already dozing off. Her hand went to her stomach immediately then she turned to Thyme.


“Are you okay?” Thyme inquired

” My baby…. I saw blood before I passed out, what happened to my baby? It’s still safe in there right? What did the doctor say?” Arizona rushed him with questions

Thyme just stared at her pitiful eyes, contemplating on what to tell her.

“Huh? Boo bear, you’re not saying anything? The baby is fine right? Our baby is still there?” Arizona searched his eyes for response, her bright eyes sparkled as she was saying that.

“Uhm.. I… The baby…. Our baby is gone” Thyme muttered with so much difficulty.

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” Huh?”

Thyme pulled her into a comforting hug immediately while stroking her hair.

“We lost the child but we can still make more babies so just feel too bad about it. It’s going to be alright, I’m happy you made it out alive that’s all that matters now” That said reassuringly

” Our child be gone….. It’s not true, I didn’t even get the chance to tell you, I didn’t even get the chance to feel it kicking, I didn’t even…..

Arizona broke down into sobs while Thyme kept patting her back.

“I’m going to make them pay okay? That’s my promise to you. For harming my first child, they’ll have to face my wrath”

” I want my child back Thyme” Arizona blurted out, looking up to him, her heart eyes meeting his pained eyes.


” You can do anything right? You are going to do anything for me right? I want my baby back…. I want it back” Arizona whimpered

Thyme clenched his teeth tightly not saying a word; he couldn’t even bear look at her. The whimpering sounds from Arizona stopped coming, she had actually fainted in his arms.


“Mi armour!!” He called shaking her gently but he didn’t get any response from her. He rushed to the landline immediately




Alexa stormed into the gambling den this time without her mask. She was fuming visible and it was obvious.

“What happened? Why is she still alive? You said she was going to die. You Fůçƙing gave me the reassurance, you promised!!!” Alexa shouted banging her fist on the table angrily

“I tried what I could…. Besides, there was another gang out there for her. It wasn’t easy battling with them” The tattooed guy snapped getting pissed off already

“A perfect excuse for you incompetence, do I look like I care? Do I look like I care if there is another gang out there for her? You sounded so confident that you were going to do a good job but what did I get in return? I want a refund” Alexa said

“You can’t get a refund, we exhausted all the money”

” What!!? You’ve used up all the money I gave to you!! That’s my life savings, the only money left with me but I confidently gave them to you since you assured me of a good job. You all are nothing but bunch of losers, dimwits….

A punch landed on her face before she could say another words. She fell to the ground momentarily blinded.

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“Arrrgh!!!” She screamed loudly

” Leave before I lose my temper and mind you, don’t bother stepping your feet into this den. I could kill you and no one will raise a finger or say a word so be warned” The tattooed guy threatened her. He landed a kick on her stomach before going back to this betting spot.

Alexa sprawled on the floor groaning in pains.



Rainbow stopped in front of Carl who moved to another path and she follow suite doing the same thing. Carl let out a groan

“What exactly do you want!” He finally talked

“Stop ignoring me…. I know I was wrong and I already apologized for it, you don’t have to keep doing this” She muttered

“I got your apology okay? Can you just let me go now? I’m into interested in talking to you anymore” He retorted

“But you are a friend, my only friend” She said softly; her voice came out really cool rather than the usual harsh one


“Do you even consider me as one?” He snapped

“I do…. Fine, I didn’t at first. I saw you as a pest, a pest I badly want to get rid of but later on, things changed. You changed me, you made me this vulnerable, you are the only one who is ever attentive to my complains. For the first time in years, I concentrated well in class and it’s all thanks to you” She said

“I want you back, please” She added pleadingly making cute faces

Carl took a deep breathe, biting his bottom lips.

“Fine” He mumbled raising his hand in surrender

She moved into him hugging him tightly shocking the living daylight out of him. His eyes widened in shock

“Forgive me, I’ve always wanted to do this”She muttered resting her head on his chest. Carl wrapped his arms around her in return



The door bell kept ringing continuously making Romeo to groan loudly. He wanted to ignore it but he couldn’t. He walked to the door opening it. His countenance fell as he came in contact with some cops at his door step.

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“What… What’s going on here?” He stuttered with different thoughts running in his head

” You are a suspect for the current ambush on Mrs Arizona Knoll, you have the right to remain silent and also to contact your lawyer” One of the cops said bringing out an handcuff

” Wait… What’s happening? Ambush on who? I have no idea of what you are saying…. I didn’t do anything, I’ve been indoors and I….

Romeo trued protesting but they didn’t even listen to him. He was forcefully handcuffed and dragged away.



Melissa sprang up from the couch as some men on suit rushed into the living room. She furrowed her brows wondering how they got access to the passcode.

“Who are you to barge into my house?” She shouted sending dagger glares at the men who cared less.


“We are from Crips Loan Shark, Abel Banks had used this house as a collateral for the loan he collected from our company and so far, he had failed to pay back the loan” One of the men said



” And you have to move out of the house now” He added

Melissa lost her balance and staggered backwards.




Thyme sighed deeply watching Arizona who was just seated on the bed lost in thoughts. She had been that way since she had woken up from her slumber.

“Hey!” He called softly going to her. He sat down beside her taking her hand

“It’s not the end of the world babe, another child can always come around” He began

“I… I know but…. I still can’t believe what happened. Why is every bad thing happening to me? Why me?” She muttered almost close to tears. Thyme on sensing that she will burst into tears anytime soon shut her up with a peck on her lips.

“It’s okay…. Wh@ťěver you are going to face, we would face it together as soon, as a couple. How about we make this marriage real? Let’s make this marriage work cause it’s you I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve gotten so addicted to you, your smile, your cuteness, your anger. I’ve always loved you and always will. Let’s make this real” He said imploringly staring deep into her eyes

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

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