Crazy virgin 🥵
Chapter 36 and 37
Final 🥳
Note: it’s has alot of sěxual act in this chapter
Bianca 💛 pov
We arrive at the four bedroom apartment the boys bought and a swimming pool,it was already late so we all got into our rooms ,I was arranging our clothes into the wardrobe when Shane came and hug me from behind,I chuckled

“Can we have sěx”Shane said

“I have been waiting for u to say that”I said before clashing my lips on his ,we started sucking on each other lips ,our lips went in sync,I slip my arms around his neck as he slip his tongue into my mouth,I gasp a little,he then place kisses on my neck then he push me down on to the bed ,he remove my top and sports bra then put my Břě@šť into his mouth and he was massaging the other one with his mouth

“Fůçƙ $h|t”I Mõ@ɲ ,he remove his top and trouser,I got hold of his Ďïčk and I put it in to his mouth,I started stroking and sucking his Ďïčk ,I made sure all hi Ďïčk was in my throat till he Cvm into my mouth

“I am going to give me your on special treatment”shane said as he lay me down and he put his Ďïčk into my Pů$$¥

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“Oh my I love u”I Mõ@ɲ ,this time around he wasn’t going slowly on me ,he was pumping in and out of me as he let out a groan

“Fůçƙ Shane oh my gosh”I Mõ@ɲ ,he kept on sucking Břě@šť as he went back and forth,he kept on riding me till I Cvm ,he was about to Cvm so he pull out and I open my mouth so I will drink his Cvm ,then we clash our lips together

“I love u too”Shane said before I pass out.

The next day
Perry 🌻 pov
I woke up and Fiona was no where to be seen , maybe she is down stairs with the others ,I took my shower and walk down stairs and she was here


“Babe” I said kissing her


“Are we staying here for 3 days “josh asked

“Nope “Ashton said

“Let’s go swimming today “jasper said

“Okay let’s get dressed”the girls said running up to go change,after it we all went to swim.
After swimming we all went to our room and I fell on the bed ,Fiona sat on top of me

“U know u always turn me on when u are like this “I said

“That is the goal “fiona said,I grab her face and the we started kissing each other hungrily,after some mins of kissing,I slowly slip 2 fingers inside her Pů$$¥,she Mõ@ɲ as I moved faster,I kept on fínģƐŕing her for some times before I remove her clothes and I spread her legs apart then I put the tip of my Ďïčk in her Pů$$¥,she shiver then she glare at me


“Oh stop teasing me and go in”Fiona said,I did as I was told without wasting time,I went deeper ,I kept on moving putting more pressure as I stare at her ,I made sure she could feel every inch of my Ďïčk as I kept looking at her

“Oh my Fůçƙ geez”Fiona Mõ@ɲ

“I love you”I said

“I love you too”Fiona Mõ@ɲ as I kept on pumping fat ,I went in and out of her ,I grab her lips and I started kissing her till she finally Cvm and I didn’t stop till I wanted to Cvm ,I pull out and pour my on her face

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“U look so sweet and also taste sweet “I said as I bent down and lick her Pů$$¥ clean ,she made me lay down and then she put my Ďïčk into her mouth, bobbing up and down my Ďïčk ,I Mõ@ɲ as she caressed my balls with her free hand and she kept sucking my Ďïčk until I explode my Cvm into her her mouth,then she lay on my body as we slept off.

Skylar 🥵 pov
Right now Ashton and I are naked kissing each other,he pushed me on to the bed and bend over then he started sucking my Pů$$¥ till I Cvm in his mouth,I pull him in for a kiss,I went for his Ďïčk ,I started stroking his Ďïčk before putting it into my mouth,bobbing it up and down as a groan escape his mouth

I used what I learned from the porns I watched once on him and I like the way he reacted to it,I used my hand to play with his balls as I kept on sucking him till he cummed in my mouth and face,he looked at me

“Love are u sure u want this “Ashton said


“Yes “I said,he spread my legs apart and his throat moved showing he is hungry to have me ,he put his Ďïčk in me and my eyes widened and I closed them

“Love open your eyes”Ashton said and I did,he started moving slightly inside my tight Pů$$¥ ,it was painful but he kept going slowly till the pain became mix of pleasure and pain,he started pushing in more of his Ďïčk ,his movements are driving me crazy and when he finally put all his Ďïčk in me I started feeling of his longness

“Faster”I found my self Mõ@ɲing and he push inside deeply making me to fist the bedsheet,I felt the pain that comes with the break,he pull me in for a kiss and then I held him tighter when the blood finally erupted,we were still kissing and when he broke from the kiss I was panting so much

“I love you so much sky”Ashton said

“I love u Mõ@ɲ “I Mõ@ɲ and that was when his mouth found my Ɲīpplë,he started sucking and licking it making me Mõ@ɲ harder till I reach my climax and I Cvm,he kept in riding till his was about to Cvm,he pull out and then Cvm on my Břě@šť

“I love u so Much”Ashton whisper before I slept off.


The next day
Ashton 🌹 pov
We were all ready to go to the fun fair , each couples made sure to wear the same color of clothe ,we drove to the fun fair

“Let’s go on this ride”jasper said putting at a scary ride


“No am not gonna for with u”Fiona said

“Perry your babe is such a softie”jasper said

“But dude that tide is scary”I said

“So u not a man”jasper said

“We don’t need to show u how manly we are “perry said

“Let’s go on a more calmer ride”Skylar said

“Okay I will join “jasper said


“If u like join or not”Shane said,we went on many rides and bought lots of sweet for the girls,of course we went shopping and then we decided to take pictures

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“Let’s make a promise”bianca said

“What promise”josh asked

“Cheers to our friendship”bianca said

“We will stand by each other no matter the situation”Skylar said

“We will have each other back “Fiona said

“Side by side no parting ways “I said

“No matter what anyone does or say”jasper said


“We won’t give a Fůçƙ”perry said

“Cos we trust each other and we love each other”Shane said

“We will stand strong”josh said


“To our friendship”we all shouted snapping a group picture.

The End

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