Crazy virgin 🥵
Chapter 22 and 23
Bianca 💛 pov
I rush up to my room and I pack my bag ,I can’t believe this is happening to me ,I won’t stay here anymore

“Bianca where are u going”dad said

“I can’t stay here anymore,I can’t stay with u and mom anymore”I said

“What?baby please”mom said

“Don’t baby me ,I h@ťě the both of u “I said

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“Calm down baby”Dad said

“U guys have succeeded in disgracing me all because of the stupid useless mam and woman”I said,dad raise his hand to hit me

“Mark stop it”mom said

“Honey don’t hit her ,she is still a child”the woman said

“It’s because of u he raised his hand to hit me “I said


“I know I spoilt u but I didn’t know I spoilt u this much “dad said

“I h@ťě the two of u “I said pointing at James and the woman

“Bianca try to understand we didn’t know u will bring your friends”mom said holding me

“Mom let me be ,am going to stay in an hotel “I said trying to leave

“No u will stay with me “sky said,I try to protest but Shane had already carry me in a bridal style

“Aunt and uncle do not worry”Skylar said

“I trust u sky ,take care of our daughter”mom said

“Hopefully she will come back to her senses”dad said,Shane took me into his car with Ashton and sky who joined us,while Fiona and Jasper entered Perry’s car


The next day
*The great golden high*
Skylar 🥵 pov
“So how is bianca”perry asked

“She is doing better”I said

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“I feel for the girl”jasper said

“It was bad for them to say it in front of us “Fiona said,I looked at Ashton who hadn’t say anything

“Is she alone at home “perry asked

“Yeah kinda,Mrs Bieber will stay with her for some time before Going to work “I said,we enter our class .
After class I was going to the library when Danny Walk up to me with a smile on his face

“Hey long time “Danny said

“Yeah I have been busy”I said

“Well I wanted us to go out tomorrow,are u free “danny said


“I will be free “I said

“Okay I will pick u up tomorrow”Danny said pecking my cheek before leaving

“U wanna go on a date with him “fiona said standing at my back


“There is no harm going on a date with him”I said

“I didn’t say there is a harm in it,but don’t u think someone else loves u”Fiona said

“Nah and even if the person loves me ,why can’t he come out and say it “I said looking at Fiona who said nothing.

*At the Bieber’s house*
Shane 💚 pov
I came back from work early to see bianca half naked ,$h|t does she want to kill me with her sěxy body,she was wearing a bum short which only covered half of her @$$ and a top which was making her Ɲīpplës show ,when she saw me she stood up to go

“Bianca wait,sit please”I said,I would have just let her go to avoid temptation but I called her back

“See bianca I know u are hurt about what happened to your family but u should understand your parents need happiness too and I know you are upset they said that in front of us ,it bad but try to understand them “I said


“Okay thanks”bianca said as she stood up to leave

“You are angry at me”I said

“Nah”bianca said as she try to leave ,I pull her back

“U are ,I didn’t mean to make you feel the kiss wasn’t nice ,it was nice that is why I can’t get it out of my head “I said

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“Really”bianca asked

“Yes”I said

“Then why did u make me feel like the kiss wasn’t nice “bianca said

“I don’t know”I said staring at her lips ,before I knew what was happening,she place her lips on mine,I grab her @$$ and lifted her up as I deepen the kiss ,I carried her up to my room not parting away from the kiss ,after some long mins of long kiss ,I went to her neck and I place kisses on her neck ,I remove her top then place her on the bed ,I put one of her B@@bs in my mouth as I gently and firmly massage the other one

“Fůçƙ “bianca Mõ@ɲ ,I place my hand in her Pů$$¥ and I started massaging and rubbing it for a while before I stopped,I try standing up but she hold me


“Bianca let’s stop this , it’s not right”I said

“No no Shane ,u can’t leave me like this “bianca said

“It’s not right”I said

“It’s my body and I want you”bianca said as she grab my Ďïčk from my trouser ,it pull it down and then she pull my trouser down and then the boxers,she brought out my Ďïčk and her eyes sparkle,she stood up and knee in front of me ,she put my Ďïčk in her mouth and u let out a groan ,she started stroking and sucking on it ,she was setting me on fire ,she was sucking on it till I Cvm in to her mouth ,I lay her down and sore her legs

Putting my tongue into her Pů$$¥ and I started licking it ,I kept on sucking her Pů$$¥ as she Mõ@ɲ


“Fuc..k ooohhh Fůçƙ “bianca Mõ@ɲ ,she Cvm in my mouth and I quickly went to her B@@bs in my mouth,I suck on the two Ɲīpplës

“Oooh Shane ooooohhh”bianca Mõ@ɲ ,I kept on sucking and she kept on sucking for some times before I pull out,she looked at me

“I want u in me “bianca said,I smiled and push my Ďïčk into her as I began to go in and out ,I let out a deep groan , I kept on pumping in and out


“I have been waiting to have u in me “bianca said,I kissed her as I continue going back and forth as she move her hops

“Oh gosh this is amazing”bianca Mõ@ɲed which makes me groan ,I kept on going in and out holding her B@@bs

Oh my geez fu..CK”bianca Mõ@ɲ as we kept on riding each other for some times ,I grab her lips and clash my lips on hers

“Am about to Cvm”bianca said

“Then Cvm”I said as I started going faster and deeper,I Mõ@ɲ and groan as I kept going in as she kept on Mõ@ɲing so loud,thank God no one is home ,she cummed and I pull her in for a kiss ,I was still in side her when the door burst up …….

TBC 💜🖤💜

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