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{Hearts Entangled}💝

GENRE: College Romance

TAGS: Obsession,friendship, Betrayal, Money,Love, $£×, bets, Jealousy, love at first sight, Hatred, bullies, heartbreak, singers, models, college love, and Love triangles.


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By: Bernadette Goldie .F.



Bad boys don’t have heart but she is his heart and holds the key to his heart.

He is said to be a bad boy, a player, a heartbreaker, and a s–x freak but yet he is still the guy every girl wants.


Kyrie Mason is A member of the popular Boy band in MEGA COLLEGE known as the ELITES, a four membered group, with the most alluring guys you will ever come across.

Their band is well known in the school And also In south Korea as well but Kyrie is more popular and he also got many crushes cause of his visuals.

He really got the looks, the charms, the swag and everything that makes guys attractive to girls and that made girls to trip for him.

He is a bad boy, a heartbreaker and a player yet that didn’t stop girls from throwing themselves at him, he uses and dumps girls like they are nothing, he changes his girlfriends like a wardrobe every week and he never sl£eps with a girl more than three times.

To him he is the only perfect guy existing, and no guy will ever make girls trip like he does.

He believes that with his charms and looks every girl will bow to his wish and do as he wants but what happens when she walks into his life and proves him wrong Making him to place a bet he can never win with his friends.

Now the question is?

Who is she?, and how did he get to know her?”

Am sure you wouldn’t wanna Miss this ride, so grab your popcorns and let’s walk into this journey together.

Bought to you by, Bernadette Goldie .F.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.
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{Hearts Entangled}💝


By: Bernadette Goldie .F.









It’s 5:24pm when the last lecture for the day came to an end and the students start leaving the school in their chic outfits and expensive bags and shoes.

It’s a normal thing for students of MEGA COLLEGE to come to school to flaunt their latest bags and shoes, and not to learn.

It’s a school for singers, dancers, models and Actors, And only the rich people attends the college cause of their expensive school fees and lounge fee, poor people hardly attend the school expect those who have sponsors, like Kpop trainees or upcoming models and Actors who are getting sponsored by their Agency, there is Nothing like scholarship students, instead it’s Attend if you can pay.

Despite all the high egocentric students in the school, it’s still considered the best of all cause of the crazy talents in the students, it’s rarely hard to beat them on a competition or else it’s tricked or they did attend it, they are the Kings and Queens and everyone knows that.

“Yeah, finally, today’s class is over, I can’t wait to go see my baby” Joyce said jumping up and down.

“You are lucky babe, at least you have someone to call your baby!” Nevaeh said and she chuckled.

Joyce is one of the most popular girls in MEGA COLLEGE and adding to the fact that she is dating Leonel, the leader of the ELITES made her more popular, she is a voice Actress and model yet that didn’t make her too proud of herself despite the fact that her father is one of the most richest in the country.

“Go get a Guy!” Joyce said to Nevaeh and she smiled.

Nevaeh is a kpop trainee who is getting sponsored by her agency, cause her father can’t afford to enroll her in the school.

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“You should stop bullying me, it’s not my fault that I have no guy” Nevaeh said and they laughed.

They start walking to where Joyce car is but someone bumped into them and they look up to see Shakira, she is a dancer with lots of fans and that made her to keep her shoulders high all the time, her ego is so high cause no one has ever beat her in dancing.

“Can’t you see?” Joyce asked and she look at them disgustingly and without a sorry she walk away.

“That’s Dev!l, I just h@ťě her uurrgghh!” Joyce said and Nevaeh laughed.

“Just enter your car Joy, we are there already” Nevaeh said and she sighed.

“Ok aren’t you joining me?” Joyce asked.

“No, I have to go for my training first so I will see you tomorrow” Nevaeh said.

“Ok Neva, bye bye” Joyce said and her car door opened and she got in, it closed back and Nevaeh waved at her.

“Bye Joy!” She waved and she looked out through the window as her driver drove off.

“Bye Neva, I love you, I love you, I cherish you, I adore you, I love you, bye, bye, I love you Neva bye!” Joyce continued waving till her car is out of sight.


Nevaeh sighed and walk out of the school, she flagged down a taxi and got in, driving to her agency.



“Wait don’t tell me we are done already” a girl asked Kyrie who is putting on his shirt but he Remained silent.

“Kyrie!!!” She called.

“Nah it’s obvious, it’s obvious we are done here” Kyrie said.

“But why?” She asked.

“That because you are too wide, you are wide like a well that it got me thinking about how many Guys that have entered there, cause immediately I entered I went missing I can’t even find myself again” he said.

“What are you saying?” She asked.

“I Don’t think I can answer that your question, just pack your things and leave, I don’t know how to swim in That your Pacific ocean” he said.

“Kyrie what are you even saying, believe me it’s been only you” she said.

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“Only me, are you for real?, I haven’t even slept with you for more than two times so what are you saying?” He asked.

“I was trying to say that, it’s only you lately, I mean I’ve only sl–pt with two guys only and after I….

“You don’t know how to lie girl, that your Atlantic well already have more than ten guys in there and……why am I even explaining things to you, the truth is that I am tired of you already so just go and never come back here” he said and walk out of the room, the girl fold her fist and groaned before picking her bag, she pick her phone too and walk out of the room.

Kyrie walk down the stairs and saw only Darling in the sitting room eating from a bowl of popcorn whilst watching a movie which is not even funny but he is laughing like a maniac.

He is the lead vocals and second member of the group and obviously the funniest Among them, he is always seen smiling getting angry is not really his thing and he is the closest to Kyrie.

“Ahhhh this guy is so funny!” He laughed packing his dreadlocks and Kyrie shook his head.

He walk to a different couch and sat down there, the girl walk past him and he hissed and that made Darling realize someone is there already.

“Oh Hyung you are here, when did You get here?” He asked.

“When you were busy laughing like a maniac” Kyrie said.

“Oh don’t mind me, this was so funny” he asked.


“But there is nothing funny in this movie, wait its even a News” Kyrie said.

‘”forget it bro, it’s funny maybe you don’t think it’s funny” he said and faced the TV again, he start laughing again and Kyrie shook his head.

“You are going crazy” he said.

“Maybe” he said and continue laughing, Kyrie continue pressing his phone till the kitchen door opened and Leonel walk out of it with some fried chicken, he sat down beside Kyrie and start munching it while Kyrie just watch him.

Leonel is the eldest and the leader of the group, he is the main vocals and lead dancer and obviously the most gentle among the members.

“Are you really going to finish that?” He asked.


“I don’t think I am going to leave a piece of it here” he said and Darling sat down beside him.

“What?” He asked.

“Just one piece of it” he said.

“Just take only one” Leonel said and he took two.

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“Please I promise to buy one for you later” he said and he hissed and continue eating

“”Kyrie, Are you done with that girl already?” Leonel asked and he looked at him.

“Which girl please?” he asked.

“The one that you came in with” he said.

“Obviously?” Kyrie said.

“But why?” Darling asked.

“Na the girl is too wide for my liking” he said.

“After using her you now remember she is too wide right? Darling asked.

“Not that, when I first f–_ked her she wasn’t like this but today I tried it I again I became lost” he said and they laughed.


“What’s the meaning of that?” Leonel asked.

“I mean that she is not tight at all, immediately I entered her, I went missing I can’t even find my way out, it was good thing That i later found my way out” Kyrie said and they laughed.

“But how come she is like that, thought her father is a deacon?” Darling asked.

“Yeah he is but I don’t know much about that, all I know is that she is too wide for me” he said and they laughed.

“Get another one ok?” Darling said.

“Sure, one is already on her way” he said with a chuckled.

“Am the only v!rgin in this house” Darling said and Leonel coughed.

“What?” He asked.

“Nothing, I was just shocked by your word” Kyrie said.

“But am not lying right?” Darling said.

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“I Know you are saying the truth” Kyrie said and they laughed.


“But where is that douchebag called Romeo?” Leonel asked.

“Obviously in his room, flirting with girls online” Darling said.

“I don’t think so, I saw a girl entering his room earlier” Kyrie said.

“Oh I guess he sent for her then” Leonel said and they heard the sound of footsteps from the stairs.

“I guess he is coming down” Darling said and they peeped from the dinning to see him coming down with the girl.

Romeo is the youngest in the group and also the main Rapper, Kyrie is the lead Rapper and the main dancer and they are enemies, there is no passing day that they won’t fight, they always act friendly on stage while they are cat and dog behind the stage, only their manager and the other members knew about this, Even their company is not aware.

Romeo got to the sitting room and walk past them without a word to them.

“Rubbish” Kyrie hissed and Darling looked at him.

“Won’t you both stop this thing already” Leonel said and Kyrie scoffed.


“Hyung!” Darling called and Leonel looked at him.

“Thought Joyce said she is coming, isn’t she coming again?” He asked but instead of answering, Leonel clean his hand on his dreadlocks and his eyes widened.

“Hyung!” He called

“Shhhh” Leonel said and run upstairs.

“Leonel Hyung!” Darling called going after him.

Kyrie looked at them and Chuckled.

Talk more of the most beautiful place in Seoul, then it’s no other place than the PARK’S family island.

It the most beautiful place in Seoul, the most expensive Island to have ever been built by a lady.

It built with real diamonds and even at night the beautiful diamonds glows even when there is no light, looking around the place one can see the beautiful flowers that are getting cut by the gardener into a good shape.

A fountain is sitting gallantly in the middle of the island and the water from it formed a sparkling blue pool around it giving the island a more beautiful look.

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A peach coloured sports car drove into the island and a girl dressed in all peach walk out of it after the guards opened the door for her, she is tall, got a model like body, her tiny waist and hips stood out and every step she takes screams perfection, she got a round doll eyes, pink pouty lips and a small cute nose which made her look like a Barbie doll.

The girl roll her eyes all over the place and sighed softly, a cute red furred monkey jump out of the car and jump on her back making her to chuckle cutely.

“Easy there Star, you wouldn’t want me to fall or would you?” She asked and the monkey jumped down from her back instantly.

“Good boy” she said.

“This way young miss” a female guard said leading her to the house that looks like the biggest And she followed her lead without a word, the got to the door of the house and it opened on its own giving them Access to walk into the house.

“Welcome home young Miss” the female guard said walking into the house that looks like a paradise with her, it’s so beautiful And everything in it glitters like gold.


“Wow, I never knew this place looks this good” the girl said looking around the spacious sitting room with a gold fish statue in the middle of it.

“Kimora!” A young girl of about six years called running down stairs and Kimora smiled.

“Angel!” Kimora called and she hugged her tightly.

“Welcome back home Kim, am glad am going to see you everyday” she said and Kimora smiled.


“Yeah am back but not forever, I will be going back soon” she said.

“You are not going back again!” A voice said and she look up to see her Mom and Grandma standing at the edge of the stairs.

“Grandma!, Mom!” She called and run upstairs to hug the two of them.

“Sweetheart” Sophia (her mom) called kissing her hair.

“Kim!” Her Grandma called and she hugged her again.

“I miss you so much Grandma, it’s true I love England but staying there without you wasn’t easy for me at all, I miss your stories and everything” Kimora said and Serena smiled.

“At least you are back now and you won’t be going back so I’ve got a lot of time to spend with you” Serena said and Kimora face her mother.

“What’s she talking about Mom?” Kimora asked.

“She is right, you are not going back to England again, you are back to Korea for good” Sophia said.

“Noooooo! Mom there is no way am staying in Korea I h@ťě this country, my friends in England will be waiting for me cause I told them I will be back now you are saying this, if I had known I am coming back here for good I wouldn’t have entered that jet” Kimora said.

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“Your stubbornness is your only problem Kimora and I don’t like it, I get it that you had friends over there but that won’t make me change my mind, Korea is a good country so you can equally make friends here” Sophia said.

“But I promise Zinnia that I will be back” Kimora pouted.

“Zinnia is also Korea, so believe me one day she will come back too” Sophia said.

“But Mom…..

“Kimora don’t stress me on this your first day please, I’ve told you before that England is not your home cause there is nothing good you are learning over there, you are back to focus on your career as a stylist and model, and you are starting school tomorrow no long talks” Sophia said and walk out of the house with her mother.

“Noooo mommy!” Kimora called but she didn’t turn.

“You know mommy Kim, she won’t change her mind, go out and flex you will love this country” Angel said and run upstairs.

Kimora stood on that spot and fold her fist and when she realize no going back to England she turned and walk out of the house, Star jumped on her back and she smiled heading to her car with it.


“Jeans, skirt, bum short, sweatshirt, singlets, shoes, bags and leggings” Kimora said throwing clothes and shoes into the cart her guard is pushing.


Talk more of a shopping freak Then it’s Kimora, there is no passing weak that she won’t shop, if she doesn’t shop after two weeks she is sure going to fall sick, shopping is a part of her already and she loves fashion a lot.


“Oh before I forget, go get me my Givenchy bag” Kimora said to the guard and she left to go get it, while Kimora continued shopping.

“I think I need some Fancy heels” she said and turned to go to the shoe section but bump into a Guy with red hair.

“Can’t you see?” He asked and she hissed.

“That question is for you can’t you see?” She asked and he smirked.

His name is Denver, a student of MEGA COLLEGE, he is an actor and model with many crushes just like Kyrie but they never get along, they are always on each others neck.

“You are too rude and I h@ťě people like” he said.

“I h@ťě it when someone I h@ťě tells me he h@ťěs me, you should have closed your mouth other than to open it and talk trash, proving how !d!ot!c you are” Kimora said and he slap her head.

“Ugly thing look at your eyes like a devil’s own” he said.

“What?, You just hit me?” Kimora asked.

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“Obviously” he said and Kimora threw her bag at his face, he pick it and threw it back at her and just like that a hot fight started between them with the two of them throwing things at each other.

“Devil!, I will deal with you” Kimora said.

“Star!” She called and Star jumped out of the cart making him to gasp.

“What!, What’s this?” He asked.

“My own way of teaching you a lesson” Kimora said and Denver turned and start running out of the section but Star run after him and jump on his back making Denver to miss a step and fall down.

“Ahhhh!” He groaned and tried standing but Star jumped to his front and in the next second he leaned in and k!ss him right on his lips making his eyes to widened.



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