~ Would you still love me? ~

By, Bloom H ✍️

•Chapter 8•
[ 65 ] of the Second Class Series

Theme: Raging Secrets


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“I can’t believe you guys started watching without me” Auburn said as she returned from the bathroom. She’d gone to change into dry clothes and wash her hair. Yes, she managed to get her ‘Creepy’ neighbor off her back.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you the full gist” Ursula said, grinning. She also came over and has finished two bowls of popcorn already. Such a glutton.


“Curse that skinny neighbor of mine” Auby scoffed, I laughed

“He’s hot!”

“Eww!” She plopped on the couch noisily and my laughter became louder.

Twenty minutes passed and we were into the movie, laughing and throwing fits at intervals. A commercial break came on and we were randomly speaking.

“You guys, guess who I met today at the mart down the road?” I suddenly said and they turned to me in anticipation

“Who? Joe Jonas?” Sula asked and I gave her the ‘really?’ look.

She shrugged, “who knows, it could be true”


“C’mon tell us already” Auby pouted and I made a face, they had high expectations, that I was starting to feel like they didn’t need to know

“Jared” I said it anyway and I watched their facial expressions change to that of confusion

“Who?” Auby asked

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“Jared, you know the guy at the club who brought us home…”

“And we were wasted? OMG, the hottie?” Auby screamed out in excitement and I rolled my eyes nodding slowly.

“So what did you guys talk about?” She asked, and I told them about our conversation

“He seems cool” Ursula said

“Did you get his number? I notice since that day that he was into you” Auby said and I glared at her

“What? I have eyes and I see things, unlike yours”

“You’re disgusting, thought you liked Simon” I smirked and she winked

“You can do both of them”


“I’m serious. You need to move on and with a sweet guy better than.. yunno who… I guess that’s where this hottie comes in… What do you think?” She asked mischievously and I cracked up. Auby can be mad sometimes


“I think that’s just desperation. And it’s disgusting” Ursula said and Auby scoffed

“Why? She deserves break and…”

“You don’t get to decide that, she can do that for herself right?”


“Hey, she’s just kidding” I said but maybe they didn’t hear me, they just went on tearing each other apart

“Don’t you like him, date him then!” Sula fired and Auby smirked

“I would if he liked me. Stop making this about you and give me a break. Focus on never losing your boyfriend since that’s why you’re always around him. Right?”

I giggled silently, if only Ursula knew how much Bane feared losing her. He once told me and Auby about it

“At least, I know his next move. I mean you have no f*cking idea why you were dumped, do you?” Sula said and it went dead quiet.

My smile dropped instantly. A minute passed and we sat in silence.

” Ohh” Auby was clearly saddened but she quickly masked it up and stood, “Fun time’s up guys, I have to complete my assignment”

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I gave Ursula a look which conveyed all my emotions – Hurt, mad and sad – Why did she have to say that like it was the easiest statement?

” Auby… ” I called but she cut me off

” The deadline’s tomorrow and I’m yet to make a stroke, you guys can continue the movie at your place or her’s”

The deadline was tomorrow indeed but Auby didn’t mind doing assignments last minute. It was obvious she wanted us to leave.

Ursula stood up chewing on her lips in remorse. “Auburn, I didn’t mean to say that… I’m sorry.”

Auburn’s face was void of emotions yet pale as she stared at the door. She was firm with her decision of us leaving.

Sighing, I picked my phone and gave her a brief hug which was not returned. She moved out of my embrace quickly and before I could speak, Auby was headed to the door.

I frowned deeply but when I looked at Ursula, it fell, she was already in tears and from the look of things regretting her speech earlier.

The day had been ruined for three of us and it was all my fault.

If I hadn’t spoken of Jared or perhaps never got involved with Drew in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this position. Auby would still be with Bruce, and happy.


The thought made my heart burn.

“Let’s go” I said to Sula dejectedly and walked towards the door Auby held open then through it.

“Auby…” Ursula tried speaking again when she got to the door but Auby didn’t have her face. The moment she was out, slamming of the door followed next, startling Sula and I.

For a while, neither of us spoke a word, only Ursula’s sniffles sounded. She was seriously in tears and hiccuping.

“Hey, it’s okay..” I forced a smile, it wasn’t okay. Auby was hurt deeply and we knew yet had nothing to do about it.

“I… I didn’t mean to burst out that way…” She stuttered and I hugged her, stroking her hair.

“You feel she’s doing too much… She’s not. Auby’s not doing too much, she’s doing the best for me and that shouldn’t be a problem.” I told her and she nodded against my shoulder

“I’m sorry…”

“You should tell that to Auby. I’m not mad at you”

After pulling away, she wiped her face and moved forward to ring the doorbell. She did it twice before the door was opened and when Auby saw her, she hissed making to close the door but Ursula was fast to stop her.

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“Auburn I…”

“Can you leave? I need some time alone, so just let me be” She shot and slammed her door shut. My lips parted and I gulped feeling bad and annoyed at the same time. I suddenly felt useless

Ursula was shaking as she cried… I bet she’d never imagined a day like this.. me too.

“She needs time, we’ll check in tomorrow” I patted her shoulder in reassurance and she hesitantly nodded.

We left there and after convincing Ursula for a long time, I finally got her to leave. She offered a ride but I declined, I also wanted to be alone and she did too.

I just hoped she drove safely on her way.


While on my way, I was absentminded, worried about Auby. Was she fine?

I didn’t realize I stepped on the road with a truck at a bare distance till I was pulled away by a someone. The touch was familiar and I h@ťěd that it made me feel cold, chills and all tingly sensations. Andrew Lopez. Again!

The pull was so sudden and apt that he had to wrap his hands around me to hold me in place.

“Are you stalking me?” I asked after the truck drove past.


“Seriously? I just saved your life” His voice was unusually soft and relief laced. Did he win a lottery or what?

“Well you didn’t have to, maybe I wanted to die. You disrupted that.”

“Ohh, there’s another truck coming” He tilted his head to the side in the direction of an oncoming truck and I gulped. This idiot really wants me to die.

“Need a push or something? I could give you a hand” He offered and I can swear he was smirking, the sarcasm in his voice wasn’t undetectable. It was clear as day and it angered me

“Let go of me” He was still securing my hands with his wrapped around my waist – like motherf*cking old days. I struggled to break free but couldn’t, I ended up resting on him in the process and it shouldn’t have felt good but it did. Crap!

“Be careful while crossing the road. Cup… Penny ” I exhaled and stepped away from him as he took his hands off. He almost called me Cupcake. 𝗪𝗲𝗹𝗹, 𝗵𝗲 𝗱𝗶𝗱𝗻’𝘁.

Right. He didn’t. What was I expecting? 𝗔 𝗸𝗶𝘀𝘀?

Shut up mind!

“Drew!” My gaze snapped in the direction of the annoyingly high-pitched voice. Dolores was there, across the road, dressed up, her caked up face scrunched up as she stared at me with raging eyes.

“$h|t” I heard Drew cuss behind me and not bothering to look around, I jumped on the road to leave only to get pulled back in the nick of time before I could get run over by a truck. The same f*cking truck he’d shown me.

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My body froze. It happened in a flash, it felt like I was actually crushed under those heavy wheels. F*ck!

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN MIND?” Drew yelled at me and I flinched, he was shaking me so much that I lost sense of speech for a moment while watching him yell and cuss at me for almost getting myself killed. He seemed to be worried and scared.


His reaction looked almost believable but I’m not falling for that? He can’t fool me twice. What’s his agenda anyway, standing here acting like he cares while his girlfriend is right across.

His girlfriend? I could move all of a sudden, knowing he had someone else fixed my senses.

“YOU CAN’T DIE!!” He yelled

I was tempted to slap him hard across the face but I refrained. “WHY?”

“B_Because…” His face softened as he thought of what to say still looking at me.

“What? Well if you don’t know, I was trying to get away from you that’s why I almost died. STOP REAPPEARING IN MY LIFE. YOU BROKE ME ALREADY, WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT!!”

“Stay the f*ck away from my boyfriend” Dolores came from nowhere and pushed me that I tripped and annoyingly, Drew caught me again. F*ck! Why does he seem like the perfect solution to my situation now.

“Hey…” A resounding slap from me shut her up, she gasped palming her face, that was meant for Drew but couples should share pain right? Drew said nothing, his eyes never left my face, it’s my good luck I didn’t let the heat I felt under my skin reach my face. Sadly, only his eyes got me riled up and it was doing so even now.


“F*ck you and your boyfriend! F*ck it!” I pushed my messed up hair back at once and in rage.

“Drew…” She called and he sighed softly walking away. She gasped and stared at me in defeat before stomping after him.

He didn’t fight for her? What? I was expecting him to throw a tantrum or do something extra. He always did that for me though I never picked fights and never got slapped but still…

I shook my head to wade off the thoughts. He can go to hell for all I care.

My mind wondered to the time the truck almost ran me over. Wait, I almost got ran over twice within the same time range in one day.

I saw my life flash before my eyes and the rush of emotions overwhelmed me, a tear dropped from my eyes. I almost died.

This wouldn’t have happened if Auby were here, and Auby…

She’s not in a good mood today because of me.. I spun on my heels and took off back to her apartment. What type of a friend am I, I shouldn’t have left when she said so. I should have stayed back and waited for her to be fine.


I arrived her apartment in a jiffy, and knocked along with ringing the doorbell.

There was no response for a while and it got me scared. I kept doing the same thing for another ten minutes before she decided to open up and not minding her reluctance, I jumped on her, squealing.

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“Auby!” She staggered a bit but didn’t push me off.

“Why did you come back?”

“I came back, because I love you.” I muffled and she burst into tears, unrestrained. My best friend cried out for the first time in months. I’d felt vulnerable for some time but never did I see her shed a tear, not even when Bruce broke up with her.

She pushed her feelings over for my sake.

Seeing Auburn in this downcast state, I cussed within me, feeling like a fool for almost leaving when she said she needed space. All she needed was a shoulder like I do.. all the time and I’d be her shoulder. I’m never leaving her side.

“Auby… I’m sorry. I’m sorry I left, and I’m sorry about Ursula.” I pulled her closer and tighter into my embrace.

“She didn’t say anything wrong. It’s just…the truth hurts so much.” She whimpered and I felt a twinge in my chest.

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